Single and double ropes descending device for ropes up to 12 mm. Tempered duralumin cheeks and wheels. Stainless steel screws and upper pivots. Spring clip allows the rope to be inserted without removing the device from the harness. Using the device with a single rope requires specific precautions: 1: classic "S" rig for use on ropes O 9mm in good conditions 2: "C" rig for use on large-diameter, old or covered with mud ropes 3: "S-C" rig (pass once more the rope in the descender) for use on small diameter ropes. For use on double ropes follows usual installation instruction (see figure). It's good advice to use a steel carabiner especially for use on single rope. It's possible to rotate the position of the lower wheel four times in order to allow a more regular worn out and postpone the replacement. Strength: 22kN. Weight: 240g. For a proper use read carefully manufacturer instructions. Use: caving/canyoning/ climbing.

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